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Adapt to a Heart Healthy Way of Eating with Dr. Reddy’s Pita Bread


By Jacob David

Dr Reddy

Dr Reddy

HOUSTON: Dr. Kota Reddy, renowned cardiologist, has a message to preach, one that he does passionately. He is a doctor on a mission to get people to eat right and stop the onset of heart attacks, starting with stopping diabetes. Dr. Reddy believes that each diabetic client is treated like he / she has already had their first heart attack. It™s because it is that serious. People don™t realize that they are on their way to a heart attack. Not all diabetics have heart attacks. But the slow cooking process in which diabetes slowly destroys vital organs finally damaging the heart is inevitable, if the patient keeps eating unhealthy foods. Becoming a Chief Intervention Fellow honored so by St. Luke™s  Episcopal, Houston,  he believes in the prevention and reversal of heart disease through educating the public.

Asians eat rice, Mexicans eat corn flour and bleached wheat tortillas, Italians eat pasta, Europeans and the French eat bread, which is the staple diet for each nation. All these grains are milled and processed. They are high in starch and carbohydrates, including their common accompaniments – tuberous vegetables like potatoes and carrots which are high in sugars. Dr. Kota Reddy in keeping with the basics of  the world staple diets set about to experiment on making a universal bread that will help the healthy, the would-be™s, and the diabetics by not increasing their sugar levels. Mixing different combinations of flour ingredients, he found that soy flour and flax seed suited his purpose. Grinding these together make the pita bread that is nutritionally health conscious. Testing it on 100 diabetic patients who have had several helpings of the Reddy Pita Bread, their sugar levels stayed the same over repeated testing, compared to their sugar levels while eating other types of bread.

The ingredients flax seed and soy flour are a combination that provides health benefits to the human body according to ongoing research. Flaxseed has polyunsaturated fats that help lower the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. It contains omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain a healthy heart. It has also been found to help lower the harmful levels of triglyceride in the human blood. Soy flour has a nutty flavor if toasted and has many health benefits including keeping organs functioning healthy plus helping you lose weight. People eating the Reddy bread over a set period lost 35 – 70 lbs in individual cases. These were diabetics who were able to successfully shed weight and also reduce purchasing expensive medication. Not having wheat as an ingredient makes the bread gluten free helping those suffering from Celiac disease, a digestive deficiency where the small intestines lack the capacity to absorb nutrients from wheat products. Gluten is an important source of protein found in wheat, rye and barley grains. Over 2 million in the US suffer from gluten allergies. Dr. Reddy in choosing his ingredients has been conscious about this group of allergy sufferers.

A native of Hyderabad who came to USA in 1989, Dr. Reddy completed his internship and performed residency in Internal medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. He specialized in Cardiology at the Texas Institute. He became fully trained in Coronary and Peripheral interventions. Going beyond operating on patients suffering from heart attacks and blood clots, Dr. Reddy has found his calling in reaching out to the masses before they go through a life threatening condition. The adage, Prevention is better than cure, rings true in several patients who owe their life to Dr. Reddy™s new way of healthy eating.

The Reddy bread is manufactured in Houston. The Pita bread is available sold only at his office. Select stores only carry the roti in 6 and 12 count packs.

The humble pita bread can be eaten by itself or combined with a variety of stuffings – scrambled eggs, avocados with tomatoes and cucumbers on a bed of lettuce, a variety of nuts – pistachios, almonds, walnuts and pecans; plus deli meats (with low sodium levels) or curried meats, vegetables, and fish. It has 8.5 gms of protein per serving with 0 sugars, 15% calcium and 20% iron having 135 calories per half slice serving. It provides a healthy alternative for corn or wheat flour tortilla. Dr. Reddy recommends that each person drink plenty of water while following this eating regimen. He recommends eating egg with yolk and says that most of the cholesterol is not retained by the body.

In advising his diabetic patients and those who are on the borderline, Dr. Reddy says: Stay away from eating corn, carrots, potatoes, beans, lentils, peas, egg plants, yams, beets, cashews, whole and crushed grains, which include Oatmeal, all types of cereal – sugared and frosted, fruits, fruit juices, wheat, rice, breads, pasta, all types of bakery products and processed foods with high fructose corn syrup or fruit syrups.

Heart attacks can also be caused by high level stress jobs and constant globe trotting, not directly related to food. Eating Dr. Reddy™s Pita bread with a combination of healthy food choices is certainly worth trying as the first step to getting healthy. Add to that plenty of fresh air, sunshine with exercise is a recipe that will help reduce stress levels and keep your heart pumping healthy blood for a lifetime. So here™s hoping to your long healthy life and an empty medicine cabinet in your later years. Visit for more details.